What else can I do with the day?  Find Newness… a new experience, and Beat.  What I’m doing… And blindly.  Anticipating nothing.  Just going on a ride, and logging everything I find.

Putting myself in the mind of ….  What would I do.. to where would be my first call, or email.  Or text.  Probably a text first… could get an email out with CV and Letter within an hour.

Waiting on a couple emails. I hate waiting.  And I mean, HATE IT.  But what can I do.

Chewing gum, thought about coffee but…..

13:22, running out of ideas.  Should I go home, just do the meeting from there?  NO.  I’m committed to staying in this office and producing something for ME.

Getting close to something, I know… Like a river in reverse, new row.  Sent message, putting self in different mind.  Still alone in office, nice.  Loving the quiet and time to self.  Meeting  at 15:30 over Teams.

Texted old AE buddy David.  Standing at desk, getting tired.  Looking forward to dinner at Sweet T’s with parents, first in a while.

Any challenge, an encourager.