At the car place, waiting. Arrived late, appt was for 07:30. Sipping coffee, and working. Prospecting. Met a guy yesterday who graduated from Stanford Law but never took the bar. Was in Mergers and Acquisitions. At the beginning of a divorce, retired and managing one of the tasting rooms off the Green. Stanford, of course that triggered me.

Noting everything around me… lady behind me talking on phone, speaker. Can tell by her voice she’s older.

Writing down all goals and aims for day.



Run (5k+)

In bed by 22:00

Fast till after 12:30

Don’t feel I advanced much yesterday… not much in the mood to work, and feeling lost, that imposter syndrome again with work, asking how I arrived. Then I decided, “It’s a writing assignment.” A singular book. YES… Multifamily and all the people involved, the families and the apartments, one I want for myself and the other day messaging the Nurse saying we’re getting an apartment in the city. Joking of course, but still a strand of seriousness there after looking at all these beautiful structures and the guy giving the tour saying some Stanford professors live there.

That’s the second time in as many days I’ve heard Stanford. Do I believe in signs and messages? I don’t know, but this has my attention.

Looking for conversations.