19:59 poz loft office managing money, moving funds from one place to a business here, small idea there.  Camera, travel, Yellowstone.  Kids… Jack and his PC that he wants.

Relaxed, all work done.  Toying with ideas looking through pictures from walk down Kearny and California…. Not thinking about relationships or dating.  This time to myself and the freedom is far too addictive.  Eric Hilton paired with Mozzocco Zin opened when home from the impromptu dinner last night.  ZEN, in a multitude of fashions and fastens.

Ran into an old Sonic friend at Sweet T’s earlier, taking myself to an afterwork/commute beer.  Too loud, thought about staying for two but no… home to make my “Daddy Quesadilla” as I say to Jackie.  A little local news, now on the first floor.

Haven’t forgotten about the early run and gym visit.  Bed I theorize tonight, 22:00, latest.  And if not, then I run at lunch.  Tempted to actually after taking the Embarcadero route again today when my phone tried to direct me to the Broadway tunnel, Van Ness.

Zin… terrifically tapping into my equanimity.  Even the valet guy said today I look “cool, relaxed..” I laughed.