14:17 lunch done.  Relaxing after time outside.  Back in baseball mode before too long, Jack with batting cages and practice tonight.  Seems like a lot, have to say, this year.  But whatever.

Kids and the simplicity of their priorities, and focus, astonishes.  They want something so singular and focus once they get it… why can’t I do that?  Jack with his game, Emma with her pretend business, Henry with his love of Paw Patrol and his toys and now having his toys have conversations, chases, races, other hard-to-discern interactions.

Spent more at Safeway than I anticipated.  Way more.  Much have been the coffee and espresso, and diapers and wipes.  All of it.  Definitely good for the week.  Monitoring more what’s consumed and spent. For the MAP and another new project after the lunch I just had – calorie monitoring, fasting, along those Roads.

Laughing at myself, and then certain people and how I let them even touch a single synapse, cause any level of reaction.  Since beginning this Stoic study, less and less of that.  I barely hear them, think about them, react.  More freedom atop the new freedom I have in this loft.