Coffee first.  Slept well last night, as did kids.  Jack’s first umpire assignment at, what 10 I think? 

Yes, has to be there 15 early.  Then he has a game after that, then another bloody umpire appointment.  Seems excessive to me, but he does get paid and he’s excited and that’s where my thoughts stop.

New kind of coffee.  Variety box I bought when I first moved in, or shortly after.  Colombian, this morning’s character and smile.  Not texting anyone, just enjoying my kids and coffee, and a whole day of baseball baseball baseball…

Will work from phone while a the filed.  Couple projects to address…. Going about the new sales story differently, emphasizing more character and story and less product and what I’m conceptually “selling”.

More freedom in my day-to-day.  Stuck and can’t write but keep typing just to see what materializes and actualizes.  See if I can architect my own literary high-rises.

Some people are poison, and they contaminate not only you and your thinking but the relationships with others.  If you allow.  Finding ways to not allow… focusing on ME, and how I can strengthen character when in midst of viles like this.