We all slept in today.  9:01 and the first espresso sip.  How do they not need coffee?  I know, you’re like “WHAT?” But I do wonder, how did I ever survive without coffee, espresso, caffeine in general?

Longest baseball day of the season yesterday, but it was altogether fine, downright enjoyable.  Was I surprised?  A little I guess—

The toaster beeps, fucking load, waffles ready. 

Send some notes to myself for a communication I have to send later.  Been doing that more, using the Notes app for trapping thoughts, something I know I’ll forget or am afraid to, some detail or time.

Down to office, get glasses.  Goddamnit.  Hate that I need more and more help from them.  Sign it’s happening, getting older – aging, hate that word, but yes.

A renewed love of baseball from yesterday, didn’t expect that.  Then I hear Henry’s show say BASEBALL.  What about baseball has me reconnected and so smitten?

The field, bases, players on the field, the sound of a hit.  All of it.  My team, The Giants, not doing so well but I don’t care.  It’s the visuals and pace, the game I see as the magnetist.