Beautiful  drive to and from SF yesterday.  Didn’t much mind the commute, to tell you the truth.

Distractions in the office. This thing, then that, then another… what if I do this, or try this… Wait….

Hard to govern.  Would rather go with the Beat than combat it. Writing through and out of stall..  The kids, a new opportunity falling into my story.  So now what, what do I do with it.  Do I just follow its beat or do I assign it one of its own?

No excess deliberation or deconstruction.  The opportunity is there.

Find an older photo, what to do with that – PHOTOGRAPHY. I’m spinning again.  Walk away.  Break.  Walk around, get another cup.


Back and looking at new prospects.  Other thoughts with the sales story, and relationships in and outside its pulse.

1 errand, business-oriented.  Not thinking just moving.  The more I pause and collect and attempt to forecast or project, that’s when trouble materializes.  Focusing on this picture, it’s telling me something.  About what to do next, how to operate, to be present to a point of useful distance.