Not much happening today… OH, have to set appointment for Monday.  DONE

Architecture, these Multifamily properties and what they have for their residents I’m drawn more to now than yesterday or any time before.  Has to be my attitude… Real estate in general.  No I’m not getting my license and becoming some agent.  Tech and real estate, ‘prop tech’, the two tied together – rebranding of Mike Madigan in his new story…

Designing a new thought shape and practice, application.  Building this prop tech story, starting with a genuine interest in both real estate and technology, and PEOPLE.  Communities and the multifamily architectural scape.

Emotion current – gratitude, happiness, and excitement like children when they see a playground or candy store, or something they want and all they need is a parental ‘yes’.  Here, in this story, I’m both child and parent and I say yes.  FUCK YES.

Going over the MAP… see something needing fixing.  Fixed it, but there needs to be consistency.  Finding that too is crucial beyond explanation…. how you maintain the habit and practice of something.

Going over old notes, review and study – NEW dimension and stationing in character.