In chair, receipts done, surprisingly.  I say that because I’m never on top of them like this.  Really, EVER.  No cash, all debit.  Easier to log for the MAP.

Long day in office yesterday, even when getting there purposely late and leaving just a couple clicks after 16:30.

Espresso start…. Check mail for the first time in days, barely anything in there.  Some coupons, a single solicitation, and then some mock-paper or gazette, no idea what it is but to le trash.

Feeling excited this morning, not sure why aside from the obvious getting to see the kids.  Well, the big kids, Jack and Emmie.  Hopefully able to catch some of their game.  Sure I will, the latter half.

Focusing on the kids and this condo, that I live in Windsor, Stoicism and Sonoma County, my wine story… I’m heaping with intention this morning, new and renewed resolve.  Nothing bothering or stressing.  This morning, or ever.

Mom’s birthday tomorrow.  Don’t know what to say, other than GRATEFUL.  Beyond that, honestly, I have no words.

Spinning from project to project.  Impossible to silo with this energy.  Maybe I should ease on the caffeine…