Jackie home sick, stomach thing that sent him home the other day.

Work stuff now, sipping coffee in office, the space heater’s peaceful hum… no complaints.

Memories on Facebook reminding me of how old I am, and how much I love my kids.  Not happy about Jack being sick, but nice to have the day with him.

Calm, keeping it that way.  Breaking in a new journal today, with a meeting I have at 2…. Told myself I wouldn’t do that, but I’m not thinking about it too much or at all and just acting.

Finding new leads in this one program, then focusing on my attitude, my positive and negative fields.  The latter, eradicated entirely.

Smiling after something happened a few days ago, just now realizing what it means…. wow.  What, why, how did it take so long to connect?  Either way here I am, being told earlier this week to focus on the positive but some side of my circuitry wouldn’t let me.  I’m here now though…

Going back and forth between projects.  STOP.  Silo yourself…

Calm… meditation… Distracting self away from certain shifts.

One concern, no longer a concern.  Drawing board freedom, freshness…