Teaching… why am I thinking about that?  No, I’m not going back to adjunct-dom.  Probably ever.  Teaching young writers about writing and narrative, telling their life through paragraphs, current envisage.

Why, why now?

Work and what you do for work, if you’re passionate, interested or just mildly interested, or directly hate it.  It, work, determines much of our behavioral movement, attitude and estimation of things.  Of EVERYTHING.

Stress comes back, try to ignore and again distract, but…..  whatever.

Can’t write a thing.  What is this?

More coffee?  Mmmmmmm…… no.

Why was I thinking about teaching just then?  The idea of not only doing what you love but having the production BE your entire character.

Real estate and tech.  There already but taking a bit to get the wheels up.  Patience, I know.

Long sales cycle, I swear if I hear that again…..

Teaching myself to be stronger in this project.  The new sales story… finding leads, not making calls.  Not today.  Monday, that’s the only aim.

Real estate, tech.  Technically the story starting last year, 10/17.  In a new direction, all of it.  Calming, can’t get too excited too quickly..  Taught myself something, something lucrative, finally.