Jack walks into the kitchen saying he wants breakfast Henry follows

and the three of us talk.  Jack asks Henry which he prefers, Paw Patrol or Cars.  Henry in his own way says, “Lightning McQueen.” We engage him further, and he tries to describe the cars and characters.

Henry reiterates we’re in “Dada kitchen”.  I smile and congratulate him on his sentence.  We talk further, Jack finishes and goes back to his game for a bit, Henry follows.

Coffee now, a little cinnamon.  My mood and attitude off the ground, out of mood-mud.  I ask Emmie if she wants breakfast she says no gives me a big hug then back to her grandpa’s old chair.

GRATEFUL, for morning’s like this.  Again, the teach me to calm down, not worry, ditch anxiety or any curving sensation, feeling or mind.