Jack waking me this morning with an April fool’s joke -“Dad, Henry pooped in your bed!” He said to me, waking me while sleeping in his bed since he came to mine at about 3 in the morning saying he had a brad dream.

“Oh my god, REALLY?” I said, shooting from Jack’s mattress.

When he told me, no such occurrence, and that I’m the Fool this April.

8:31, Henry with waffles and milk, Jack and Emmie not ready for breakfast I guess.

Have to be at baseball field at 11:45.  We’ll be early as always.

Deconstructing relationships, all of them.  My translations of them, day to day…. I don’t know.  What do I do with these translations, where do I go from them?  Talking with a friend last night about when’s the right time to move in with someone.  Me the newly venomous cynic said NEVER.  She laughed, looked down with a smile, did’t agree or opposite.

One human annoying me, then another, then one profusely agitating.  Ignoring each of them.

Phone isn’t charging consistently and it’s distracting.  Ignore it, ignore it all.  STOIC.