Home after dentist appointment.  Working next hour in downstairs/actual office.  Opened a beer, why not. Wind is strong and attention-demanding.  Site walks – East Bay, Walnut Creek and Pleasant Hill.  Two sites of a bigger opportunity, we’ll see.

Space heater on, thinking about a recent communication.  Paying little if any mind, to be honest.  My SE earlier making a remark on minimalism, and the value of less.  Vowing to be down here ALL night.  Well, till I have to go to bed at 9:30 or ten-ish.

Can’t remember the last time the wind move that big tree right in front of the loft so radically, with conspicuous attention.

Have a cavity.  FUCK, thought I was doing so good.  But, haven’t been in forever, and it’s the same stupid filling that keeps falling out.  They’re saying I clench?  I’m not wearing one of those “guards” or whatever they’re called.

Day of this new personal project.  No name, no real intention. Maybe I’ll tell you about someday, and maybe not.  Just know I’ll be down here tonight.  WORKING.

No music.  Enjoying the heater’s sound.  And this office… All MINE.

Relationships.  What do I want.  No fucking idea.