9:14 Emma had breakfast, Henry currently enjoying his.  Waffles, the same type he has at his mother’s house, “Mama waffles” he keeps saying so I know he’s appeased.

Quad espresso with cinnamon made here in the loft kitchen’s coffee corner.  More and more I’m attracted to the idea of owning a café… money so tight now so I can’t start putting any degree of capital in an envelope or aside anywhere.  So I write about it, accept it as the small business symbol, beacon.

Couple sips and I already feel the shock.  Will need more caffeine I’m sure with all three being here.  Henry unusually calm this morning, not as much protesting or expression of displeasure with the Daddy menu or anything.

One laundry batch going…. Setting budget for day.  DONE.

Going over the site walk and brunch with my Sales Engineer.  Where we meal’d again for the second time, a place we just discovered from another site contact’s recommendation.  Small diner, technically Emeryville but with a definite Berkeley flair.  Took picots of the walls, will post later.

Already a lesson, some instruction in the morning – STOP THE RUSH.  The pressure on self to produce… it’ll happen.  Give it time, write more in singular sentences.  Fuck paragraphs.