7:58 in loft office.  Noticing myself getting ahead of thoughts and my immediate character, the day.  STOP, I said, wrote in journal.  Noticing my character shift and change, remembering some advice Mark gave me about… putting in journal, not here.

Sip latte, four shots and no whip.  Something I’m starting to do.. be healthier, any way I can.  Even small steps like this.

In the 8 o’clock hour, had another idea.  Something else needs to shift here, but what…

Reading more on Stoic thought and practice.  Simplicity stressed in today’s newsletter.  Just in time, I see this, feeling a mood come over me about a few things.  Detach… letting go, freeing self from these pummels.

I allow the pummel.  It’s not an attack, but something I permit to persist in my perception.


One phone call logged.  Placing my priority and thoughts further into the immediate scene and stage…. Not budging from this chair, other than to get coffee when this latte’s done.

Sales story, jabbing at me.  But then I realize it’s me jabbing at me.  My attitude and approach, demeanor.  I need an evenness of inner-echo.  I can make this work…