9:53, just now sitting to write,  Old nook in Skyhawk.  Grateful, all I can think and say.. daunted by how fortunate I am.  Tasting room today teaching me, about me, about impassioned symmetry…. Last glass, Cab I think, see my label, more than a family business.  Kids helping however thy want, if they want.  Dad and I having a quick meeting in his office just now.  BUSINESS, all family.  How am I this fortunate?

Writing in this nook, wrapping memories and recollections of all this.  When it started and—

STOP.  Here now.  Emotional tonight, with the severity and extremity of this gratitude…. And from it, a new form and texture of fearlessness.  Felt it this morning then it went away and tonight it re-greets me after a call with a friend.

After ten now, time for bed.  To the loft from here, and then to SF.  But with new scope and sense of the the scene following.  How did this not follow me before.. doesn’t matter. I’m here now.

Only entry for day.  The day passing faster than I wanted, like always.  My St. Helena Sunday, gone.  But noted.  Can relive it, I guess.