All three in my room last night, a little spooked by the thunder & lightening the storm brought with it.  Jack in my bed still, Emma on the mattress beside, still.  Told them today is a day of chilling AND chores.  9:20am, starting with laundry for myself, and a couple other moves of things.  Henry’s toys occupy the entirety of the loft.  Like an invading force with well-placed positions.  I’ll disrupt their hold in a minute.

Enjoyed the storm last night.  Wind, a little hail, thunder and lightening and even though the big kids were a little startled they very much enjoyed it. I’ll always remember last night, how all three wanted to be on that ledge in the Archive.. looking out that window, Henry pointing at the tree’s branches moving back and forth like slow, rich brush strokes.

Didn’t wake at 4 as I’d planned, obviously.  Doesn’t matter.  Writing out aims in RECORD pages, only three, and easily to land.  One is fully prep for tomorrow, for me and the kids.  All clothes out, lunches and coffee made, etc.

Think Henry went upstairs, to see his bro and sis.  Stealth, without me hearing or seeing.

Clever miniature…