20-some minutes till meeting.  Henry tells me he’s hungry again, I somewhat laugh as he says something after explaining himself but can’t quite interpret my little Beat.

Shifting mind to a new hue…. No idea what I’m doing with my day tomorrow other than cleaning and a couple projects.  Writing and photog…

All these pictures, on laptop and phone, some could assemble easily more than a thousand words.


Meeting over….  Going upstairs to see what kind of damage has been done.

Couple notes in journal… idea for a short essay.  Type and print.  Later.

Could be a check in the mail, not sure.  Raining, I’ll check later.  Part of this new hue, no rushing, nor pressuring self …

Duel with my own attitude… occurring as I type.

445 words in this first essay of ’23, which’ll probably be finished tomorrow…

Wonder if anything else’ll happen in the sales story today.  Of course not… people are probably already drinking, would be my guess.  Me, more espresso than any human should handle.

Feeling better… certain t things, just, not registering.  What iddi I do?  What level or switch did I flip?  Who am I now?  Can I keep him?