Over 2000 words for day, here and the letter to Uncle.

Just thought of deer, that I’d see at Steve and Linda’s house when I was young.  From the bedroom window then one night when a horrible storm rolled through they were outside eating grass or some plants while it poured.

Need a break from the condo…. Brush teeth first, then to store.


Back from groceries.  Music.. in every thought and possibility, some site.. some discussion universe.  No idea specifically.

Office, closing.  Vowing to be here after dinner, and in bed early tonight.  Wake early, work out, new play list built tonight.

My music mood, one of no worry or concern, fear.. nothing.  Just the moment and room.

Mom and Dad on their way for our dinner meeting, Himalayan… beyond excited.  Love that place.  Old AE buddy from Sonic texting me. Time passing however it wants, so I listen to tracks that contribute to mood.

Favorably, positively.  Training inner language to be only os a positive plane.  Most of the time it is but as I’ve written sometimes a negative note node holds me and there’s a struggle.

Learning…. I’m human.