Could kick myself for scheduling anything this week.  Idiot.  But here I am…

changing the subject.

The new year, relationships, conversations, work…. Doing what you want for a “job” and then it’s not that word, nothing like it.  Thought about this in the Safeway isles yesterday, “What am I doing?”

I enjoy the new sales story, but ….. No words for the feeling yet, no description, but…. odd.  That’s all.

Will need more coffee, think I have the scheduling of the day figured out.  Blocking off ALL tomorrow, every hour and minute, all of it.

Just found a new author, writing about happiness at work, after going on IG and someone talking about empathy as a leadership skill and I could see her name in the background.  Bringing me back to this definition of happiness… extended but simple, and obvious to a point so I don’t enact what I’ve found because…..?

Nevermind.  Enjoy your coffee, see what you want, believe.  Faith… never use that word, but that’s what it is.  You don’t have that… good luck reaching what you’re seeing for yourself.