12:50 at Starbucks.  3-shot latte, not that I need it (Why did I get one…?  Shit.), egg whit bites.  Laptop at 28%.  Won’t be here long.

Only one other person in here, guy at small circular table like this one over by door, waiting for his order I think.

Look right and see a guy jogging in place waiting for the light to turn.  That’s it, I settle.  I’m running here tomorrow.  Just 45 minutes like last time, down to the Embarcadero and back.

Mom texts me and suggests Himalayan tomorrow.  Oh yes….  Love that place, and Windsor, my condo.  I hate leaving it in the morning.  But, distance, the heart growing fonder or whatever.

Don’t want to go back to the office, but I change and rearrange attitude elevating self above the company and what I “sell”.

I’m not selling anything.  Telling stories.  Someone on LinkedIn, a potentially invaluable person in the industry, accepts.  Says, “Let the adventure begin.”