Jack and Emma, collaborators then contenders.  Seriously the funniest thing I’ve ever seen.

Moods like earlier, deleterious and in a way that is now more seen by me.  Who knows about others.

Notes, more of them… parenting, health, coffee, books, happiness… business…. Building one of my own or maybe several with all these hashtag thoughts and imagined offices in Marin, SF, Los Angeles, Portland.  Holding to my notes, the quick real-time in the moment reflections and representations of my immediacy.  The books has to be from these notes.

All of them do.

The Sedaris, or Lawson approach.

Found something in this sitting, over this espresso with the kids here.  Something to celebrate, but stay in Mode Mike, don’t get distracted by the new understanding in and of itself.  I’m a dad, I can’t be scattered or disorganized.  Linear, but colorful and expansive.  This new sales story offering more than I thought it would, about people and interactions, the sales path and what a “sales professional” is and/or should be.

I can see Jack taking over a family business.  Not just with how brilliant he is, but how he owns everything he does, is creative and whim-driven but still with a coast of meditation and estimation.  Helping his sister…