Jack up first but sleeping in a bit which for him is unusual.

Coffee to start.  Not in the mood for espresso.  Had a dream last night about touring with a book I finished, talking about blogging and journaling, how even those 5-second notes you put into your phone could be a chapter or whole book, blog post or something.

Emma’s right, I need to get back to the teaching mode.  But I don’t look at it as teaching so much as offering ideas, having a conversation with other writers, thinkers, speakers.

Getting Henry in a little over 90 minutes.  Hope he’s feeling better….  Hear Emma come down to the loft floor above me.  The day is now fully alive.

Work quiet, and a meeting cancelled.  So today is essentially done before it starts moving its wings.  Not complaining, an admission of self and priority, business and communication.

Communication, how businesses connect to audience….  No specific thought, just a drizzle of consideration.

Ordered one of those coffee variety packs, k-cups, from Amazon.  The one that Kerri gets…. Seriously trying to quit my Starbucks and Noto tendencies, but…..

Deciding everything 2023’s to be.  All Pilars, Scopes.. EVERYTHING.