7:39.  Home from dinner with self at KC’s, veggie burger with no bun, fries, wine.  

Great day at Orin Swift.  Wrote a little in phone, will xfer later.  Now in office.  Quiet, no music.  Sent something to lawyer, and need thoughts before work week.

Stressing no more.  Why.  It’s for nothing.  Not busy today in Orin Swift TR so allowing touch his plate and perceive what I have in front of me, this new situational poetry.

Guy, Miguel, I met at Caffe della Valle on lunch, me sipping an SB and he about to eat his lunch, sip beer watching a football game, we getting into a discussion on obscure varietal and formation approaches then everything from tons per acre to blending ideology and DTC versus 3-tier and other business corners.

I’m headed back to wine and that’s how my story will close.  But first, need to gather.  Know very much what I’m doing and can’t wait to involve the babies.  

If they want to be involved.  Not going to force them, of course.  But, Jack is inexplicably and frighteningly brilliant, and Emmie and Henry are so cute… we can only sell out all wines, all projects and vintages. 

I’ll say again… their choice.  Always.  Only want to provide all opportunities I can.