The sound of some voices, idle-headed lewdster… ignored

Bathtime for kids, successful as always.  Henry objecting at first but then getting in with his sister and loving his Daddy Spa hour.

Fast broken just ahead of 15.5 hours with some granola, the peanut butter type.

Notes for later…. Framing a character, obvious qualities and consistencies to me, but readers need know.


And like that, and idea bombards me.  

Like Dresden, setting my entire mind and sight and immediacy on fire.  All in tandem with these three wee Beats.

Voice and character, branding…. All from a blog.

It’s all a game to me. Each piece on this board smiles back.

Building the most mammoth marketing atmosphere, vehicle, and body I can.  I will.  Think in many respects I already have.

Onward.  UP…