Settled in with kids.  Trip to sports store for some wishes of theirs, then play at the park, grocery shopping and lunch pickup, more playing outside now hanging in loft, relax.  

Tired, feel like I could go to bed right now.  Maybe not that tired, but getting there.  Henry going back and forth from kitchen where I am to loft where Jackie plays.

I ask them what they want for dinner, don’t get an answer really.  We’ll figure it out, we always do.  

Jack rushes in to throw something away, I think his gum.  “Love you Dad,” he says.  Love you more, I say.  “No way Dad, now way,” he says.  Love that kid, my little Kerouac.

Henry sitting next to me now playing with a toy I bought him earlier, some Paw Patrol car with one of the characters.  First time I’ve seen him play and pretend like this.  Adorable, distracting..

His smile is different than his siblings, more to a it in a certain way, more of a collected and woven story.  Think I know why but not stating, dealing with history, events, people.

He becomes disgruntled, tries to communicate.  I stop writing, at his service.  Always.