5:31 ready to leave, I think.   

Receipts and notebooks, journals in bag.  Sipping espresso before Starbucks.  Yes, I’m going to get a latte.  Mentally not ready for commute and being in the city, certainly not driving in it.  Couple more sips and there, I think.

The weekend flew by like there were no hours, no weekend, me in it.  It’s my perspective, my acknowledgement of it.  It’s all wrong.  Same with this morning.  More gratitude, that will solve this, whatever this is.

Feeling the espresso start to work.  Calming, changing my sight and feel, the assessment of the walls around me, this morning.  Dreamt about writing, but can’t remember all the images, movements of me as a character, and I think there may have been one other writer.  Can’t be sure.

5:37 may get another double from the loft, and yes still go to bucks after.

Settling, morning and I getting to know each other, new day just days away from Thanksgiving.  This morning giving thanks to morning, me, this desk, the hour that just minutes ago I was unsure of and bitter toward.

Much if not al my stresses are unwarranted.  This, more than clear.  Obvious.  More learning ahead.