Halfway through the month… already?

7:43 have been here about 10 minutes I think.  Might be the earliest I’ve landed at the office, and in SF since this new story started.

Aim for today is to get on the phone and set appointments.  Just meetings, or coffees, or even calls.  Anything.

Another latte morning, thinking whole way down about vineyards and a small house somewhere in Sonoma County, walking the vines now in their rest, or near-rest.  Pictures of all the colors.  Holding onto that image.. a vineyard, small one.  Don’t need dozens and dozens of acres.

My sister’s Sangio blend last night still back and forth in senses, my inner-narration.

Starting to feel a little tired.  Woke before 5 left Santa Rosa early enough so I could shower at the loft.  Then leave for latte stop.

Not ready to talk to people yet.  I’ll get there…

7:58.  Shit, it is early.  I’m feeling it.  But I feel okay.  Better than okay.  Saw a lady running on Van Ness, before turning left on Broadway…  I NEED TO RUN TOMORROW MORNING.

Then do it.  Fasting today as I did yesterday except for trailmix had at 3-something…  Whatever.  Mind not working. Need to compose…  COMPOSITION.