Big kids here, my heart heaping.  Got a couple things with them at store… 

Quick snack, now they relax in the loft on couch while I finish a couple builds here in office.  Feel like it’s been forever since I’ve seen them, and it essentially has.  Nearly two weeks is a forever to me being away from my babies.  Backing single dad song.  Dinner, ready.  Jack tells me he wants to watch the warriors game at 7 because his friends are there and thinks it’d be cool to see them on TV.

Jack helps his sister with a new game.  “Dad, I like playing this game with Emma and helping her.” Again, heart heaps and leaps and speaks in new ways.  I never tire of this being their daddy.  It’s a new planet that’s different day to day and days they’re not here are hellish and voided, desolate heaps of banality.

Everything else ignored tonight.  I’m their dad.  That’s IT.

Back to loft in a minute for Warriors game and dinner prep, then soon after bedtime routine.  Clothes out, teeth brushed, then my little British Professor Mikey act I do where I go from room to room and answer any question they ask.  Most of the questions are silly and make me laugh and break character like the time Emmie asked me, “Professor, will I ever poop so much I’ll run out of poop and never poop again?”

Can’t get over that they’re actually here.  My big kids…. At the store Emma and Jack saying I should get this for the house, then that, then this for their lunch….  I say we need new ice cream for the loft and they each want something different.  So, the solution, Jack gets his pick and Emma hers.  I’m spoiling them.  So what.  That’s the plan this weekend – make sure they enjoy their stay at the poz loft with Daddy.

Henry with a fever I found out earlier with a call from Ms. Julie, his preschool director, and owner of the little-little campus.