Working from home today.  Just finished two trainings and on break till 11:30.  

Have two calls to make, my first sales calls responding to inbound leads.  Clearing desk, simplifying and trying to go as paperless as I can.  Remove clutter, simplify and singularize and consolidate.

10:19, need more coffee.

Acquired.  Now for more cleaning and organization.  No distractions or obstructions allowed in this new story.

11:12, receipts entered minutes away from meeting.  Sip coffee slow, off call with old Sonic AE colleague.  We weren’t too close when both there, but the call was nice.  Check in and catch up, hopefully having lunch soon down the street at Russian River.

Completely zen… no angst or worry, stress or anything weighing.  Started journal on Kastle laptop, but earlier realized I left the power cord in SF.  Shit… will have to go buy one more than likely.  Can do that later today…


Lunch done, leftovers from last night’s dinner with Ms. Kerri.  Oliver’s shopping done but I forgot lunchmeat.  Goddamnit…. Will go back after picking up kids, maybe get some new ice cream or dessert options for my big kids.

My gratitude pummels me pleasurably, especially after the call earlier with another former Sonic AE.  Still a little sad I’m not there but I know I have to move on and past those feelings, emotions.  Start building my story at Kastle… last meeting of the day looking at site maps and floor plans, where to put cameras and readers, control panels and ‘masters’.  Finding this more and more fascinating in a way I didn’t IPS language and telecom provisions.

Ms. Kerri and her wine industry woes…. Wish there were more I could do for her. And I will be able to, eventually.  Not that she needs me to, she works harder than, seriously, any human. I know.