Interesting day, for sure.  I don’t know if interesting is the word.  Who cares wha the words is, kept me engaged.  More of this new story which is turning into an adventure, obviously after today.  Waking a little later this morning but not by much, fit in a shower then out the door after double espresso.  The time it took to get gas and a latte from Starbucks was just enough for the traffic to collect. And fucking EVERYWHERE.


Petaluma before that, then much of Marin and of course SF.  Parked at One Maritime Plaza which is much preferable to 2 Embarcadero I think it’s called, where I was put the Rav yesterday.

Then into work… everything smooth, encouraging and antagonizing me beneficially.  No bumps, no hiccups, actually crossed more off list than I thought I would.  Day ending with me the last in office, which was a bit spooky and odd as I wrote in my journal yesterday morning right when I got there and no one was there for much of my time.

Left a bit after 5.  No incident in parking lot, unlike yesterday with the guy talking to some attendant through the speaker and not budging no matter how many times I fucking honked.  Different way to bridge, then on Laguna, a car just ahead of me in the lane to right tried to make a u-turn or turn left… RIGHT IN FUCKING FRONT OF ME.  We did the expected thing, information exchange, even though at first she said she didn’t have any insurance info on her so I said I was calling the cops.  Which is what you’re supposed to do, right?

Forward, she left before the cops were to arrive.  They never did so I called them back and told them I was leaving.  Driving home I was irked and bitter, but then remembered Ms. Kerri’s words on gratitude… I’m not hurt, the Rav isn’t significantly damaged, can still very much drive.  So I calmed myself.  Now home, no eating out or going to Oliver’s.

Saving money, and now in office.  Grateful.  No TV, just some journaling and chill music, Emancipator and Thievery before.  Aim is to progress quicker than quick with this new company, be 150% autonomous, work from home.  Need to be better about blogging and journaling everything, all I learn about multifamily properties and security technology, the people I work with. The walk to the office and how beautiful the building is….

OH, and there was an earthquake.  Centered in Santa Clara I think but I very much felt it.  In the conference room feeling like I had vertigo or something, thought “Oh fuck, really?  Is the covid coming back?” No, it was a jolt.  Actually, stronger than.  5.1.  Had me nervy and anxious just before the last training of the day, but I sipped my coffee and made it through fine.

Feeling the gratitude again, much of it… ALL.  We speak to each other over this 2nd IPA.