4:31 – Out of shower, short nap, at desk with a glass of SB, thinking about the week ahead.  


Time and my  place in its skips.  Coltrane on, thinking about walking to the Green, getting out of the house.  Still having that feeling of restlessness and slight incarceration being in here all last week quarantining.  

Maybe I’m exaggerating but it’s what in my head at present.  Should be wearing my glasses but I’m sick of those things.  Staring at them, then my mind wanders.  Wonder if that’s the covid fog.  So I force myself to keep typing.. about anything.  Sunriver— speak of which, it was a year ago today that I flew up there to see Mom and Dad, had that long layover in Seattle where I visited I think 5 wine bars, did some writing, walked from one end to the other.

Looking in phone for pics…. Yes.  Video and pictures, note while on the airplane – “Blog and jot the opposite of overthought.” Good advice from self one year past.  Needed, so timely.

Need another getaway up there, maybe with Kerri.  Yesterday a year ago she picked me up at the airport after my flight was cancelled.  Wow… time, such. A beacon and teacher.  Forcing appreciation oft he now, worry shed.  Just seeing it.  EVERYTHING.

My time at Sonic, passed like it wasn’t 4 years but a week.  That’s what time does… finding old poems, how did I forget that one, and that one…?  Need write more, and I will – MUSIC.

Looking at word count, trouble seeing it.  Thought it said 500-something but it’s 6.

Re-wrote poem I found, that I wrote a year ago.  Makes me think of my poetry classes at SSU with Gillian.  Need another glass.

I love this office, this view, the trees when they move on days with wind like this.  Another glass, gratitude amassed.