3:03, leaving in about 40 minutes.  Took a covid test after learning my friend’s daughter just tested positive and I was around them the other night.  Negative, thankfully.  I’ll be honest I thought there might be a chance I had it, with this cough.  Going for a quick walk in a minute, but before that looking at desk, what I have to do tomorrow… plans this weekend with kids.  Getting together with my sister, maybe driving to the coast again, and Petaluma probably.  Picnic in a park, I’m thinking.  Jack wanted to go to Epicenter last time I had them, so maybe we’ll do that.  Can’t remember if he has a baseball game or not.  Want to say the season, Fall Ball, is over now?  No, this Saturday is the last game.  9:30 which means 8:30 which means waking early… lovely.