Going to begin every day going forward with a FLIGHT plan, all caps purposeful. 

Same sort of plan I send Mark.

Back from HBG to do something for new assignment, think I’m all set.  Saw a woman running on Vine Street while driving away from the Starbucks at which I used to often write.  She had a strong pace and stride, consistent and composed, musical.  I’m getting out today, no matter what.  This latte is breakfast and lunch.  No excuses.

Everything X’d on yesterday list, now.  So, settling into day.  Will call on all leads and grow referral partner/vendor base.  Listening to Bobby Hutcherson rather than Mr. Coltrane this morning, gratitude filling my veins and the room.  For my health, the ability to run… Kerri and her kindness, the cheese board she made us last night for dinner.  Windsor, the nearness of Healdsburg, the blogs….  Me here now this morning thinking what I’m thinking listening to Bobby.

Mail check, no check.  No matter, moving on and into day.  Smiling, happy, and the wrap around my heart of thankfulness toward everything won’t lighten.  Don’t want it to.  The postmodern charm of everything, choosing to see that way.