One more winery owner to call, will do that later. 

One more winery owner to call, will do that later.  Feeling better about everything this morning … oh shit, have that winery piece to finish, on Hope & Grace.  Promising to do that tonight.  Last night worked a bit then relaxed then gave way to doing the opposite of what Dad does.  That is, Dad being productive and bringing projects to their closes in his office, and me doing anything but.

Hard on self, only for good reason though I keep telling self. Listening to Thievery, latte, vowing to take off tomorrow.  Finish everything I need to.  From blogging projects to #blogeverythingnow, wine preject-ettes, to just calm journal writing. 

On the note of writing, I’m not a fan of mine lately.  Not sure what it is – the nerves, the second-guessing and excess deliberation over things that should be in the moment decided, getting old… who the fuck knows.  But I know one thing, I need to care less.  Stop being so obsessive over, well, anything.  Definitely a getting old thing, that’s all it is.  Just have to deny it any more spread or presence.  So… writing like I don’t care, ‘cause I don’t.  

More Kerouac, more HST, more poetic consistency and proficiency.  Speaking of, re-reading Road later.  Characters, their aims, what they do for work like Doug the dentist and winery owner – Hope & Grace – that I was just writing about, editing a bit this morning.

Like wine proverbs and earth movement, galactic refines in one syllable and the next.  The MAD ones I need be, repeatedly and with seeded sea.

Re-reading the letter I wrote yesterday, the names I mentioned… people that are not only kind, but eager to help another elevated, wanting to share stories and information.  Never had that in the wine industry, at least not a genuine level.  Anyway…. Thoughts, memories with them, and what’s next.