Checking back in, nothing happening in AE story, but so much happening in mine.  Still seeing self as an AE, writing about and reflecting upon everything.  No still scenes or dull moments, ever.

Leaving in 59 minutes for Emmie’s school.  Collecting notes and thoughts, planning evening in office.  Giving self space and grace to relic but committed to production tonight.  New story about to start, and me with questions, some apprehension, but in the same measures and clef delight, relief, excitement – humanness.

Learning more about this new Mike Madigan, the free one in this loft, at desk now with a Diet Coke.  My whole life replaying for me, singing to me.

Anxiety gone, tasting room yesterday in St. Helena and my lunch at that Caffe… replaying.  Seeing Newness, why I want to do and how I want this story to continue and eventually close.  And it will close.  Not trying to be grim or morose but that will happen.  For all of us.

Tried looking at word counter in the upper-right and can barely fucking see it.  No choice but to put on the goddamn cheater glasses.  Even Kerri now carrying a pair in purse for me.