Flight sent, now another email.  Much busier weekend than I wanted with the winery, but I’ll take it.  Write about it. Owe the vvv blog some writings, of course about Hope & Grace Wines and then some of the Orin Swift bottles tasted. 

At the desk early this morning.  8:04 with espresso and will need coffee almost immediately following.  1 hour lunch run, written on calendar.  Following what the innermost character observes and orders.

Staying in office, committed and composed.  One note from yesterday, how each Orin Swift bottle is its own rich and very individualized narrative.  Switching my mode to such, on a number of notes.

Cool outside, just back from checking mail.  Checked calendar and today I meet with Emmie’s teacher.  2:40 the scheduled time.  Cooking self dinner tonight, lunch planned, conserving cash for reasons obvious to the one writing but maybe not a reader.  Don’t worry about it, I say aloud here in chair, it’ll all get sorted, and very much sooner than others forecast.

Thinking too much.  Not scattered, but excess deliberation.  Understandable given everything, but I’m in control.  Turning self into more a warrior or fighter writer… this morning, liftoff…