Leaving soon for Jack’s school, then to St. Francis for a wine pick up.  Back here and in office all night, no fail.  Needing more energy made self more espresso.  Not worried about outside perceptions, only my own.  Filing and throwing away tonight, then packing back for offsite work tomorrow.  Yes taking day off, but working on other projects.  As many as I can… like some artists in their studios all night, that’ll be me tonight.  No relaxing, no getting lazy, and if I feel a sliver of such, coffee or espresso.

Plans, for more.  As much as I can handle to generate rev, not only feed my kids but give them EVERY opportunity they want or think they’d like to try.  It’s about them.. I always have a writing beat, topic, world – THEM.  They are the EVERYTHING.

Looking forward to meeting Jack’s teacher, see how he’s doing.  Sure he’s doing fine, more than fine, but the details and other insight is what I’m most interested in.  Of course, I’m comically biased.

Could use the drive as well, the school and into Kenwood, get out of the house.  Starting to be, or feel, unhealthy to work here all day.