Event day.  Kids relaxing in loft, me at loft kitchen table.  

Everything, all action, with intent to generate revenue.

Henry indicates with hands he’s hungry, wants breakfast,  Piece of the cinnamon bread, cheerios and his sipping cup, milk.

Dangerously motivated this morning, me.  I feel I shouldn’t have booked this event, 4 hours is a lot of time I could be gathering story, details and experience, but… said I’d help a friend.  Us it, for what you just said Mike, I telly myself.

Event is all club members, certain tier of Swift’s set.  After that back here and quiet, trying to figure out the situation I’m in.  Noted in journal but not here.  Keep pressing on, like Dad said yesterday.

One idea, but can only give it adequate address tonight when back from the event.  Leaving a note on my desk so I won’t forget.  Don’t think I will, but just in case.

Henry swings at Jack I tell him to stop, he then points out the window toward my neighbor Jenny’s house.  “Where’s Miss Jenny?” I ask him.  He points again.