8:35 finally starting to wake up with second double-espresso.  FINISH ben site tonight.  Then start posting anything postmodern you can… the morning, the kids, the espresso….  In grad school, and of course undergrad, I didn’t get postmodernism.  NOW, in this NOW, I definitely get it.

Don’t have time to seek new degrees or any certifications.  Using what I have like Ms. Kerri..  Texted her a heart.  Think of her often, her philosophy on manifesting and positive stresses, inner energy and how that attracts the like vibe.

Ask Emma how her Daddy chocolate milk is, “Is it good Mama?” “Yes,” she starts, then, “actually no.  Could you put more chocolate?” I laugh and think her words and response structure is adorable.  I put a little more in the cup, she tastes, APPROVED.  I feel accomplished, smile, put the chocolate back not he counter and return to this seat at the table with Emmie to finish the entry.

Time to start readying… khakis, dress shirt, shower somehow…. Maybe one more espresso shot, just not double.

Thinking about the weekend, tomorrow morning and going for a run…. Making money however I can, off all radars.  

Know I’m doing it, devil…