Smooth morning, out the door ahead of schedule and of course Jack still talking about his Social Studies test today.  We jammed a bit at breakfast and in the car on the way down.  Henry didn’t cry at his arrival, and Emma was in a better spirit as I pulled up to her campus and let her out.  She was a bit snappy this morning as she usually is, but this morning there was a bit more rancor to her.

Mark writes back in response to my flight plan, “Enjoy the day sir!” Such a nice guy, on so many levels.  I’ll always think of the dinner with his wife Carolyn in Maui and seeing him the next morning while I was writing, he leaving his stuff with me on the table while he went for a quick swim and dip in the ocean.

Gratitude this morning on another level, more voluminous and expansive than recent mornings that I’ve noted.  Decided against a latte from Noto, treating myself to coffee from the loft’s coffee corner, save money and put toward SMB envelope.  Yesterday’s visit with the winery owner, making it hard to sleep.  His story and family, his positive voice and invitation of human experience and others’ joys.  Invited me to a Stanford football game. My answer of course yes, just need to check calendar.  Grateful.