Coffee, about to make calls.  Waiting on one today, one that could change A LOT.  Not holding breath, not letting nerves take any kind of hold.

How does my office always get so cluttered and scattered and junkyard-like?  I’ll tend to it later today or tomorrow after the LM event.  Wonder what that’s going to be like…. Showtime is 12, so get there a bit before, so leave around 10:30 probably.  10:45 at latest.  Need to find some sort of outfit.

9:42 already….  Now 9:52.  Time and its movement, deplorable and admirable.  Off call, not a fit.  Budget reminders popping up.  That’s right, it’s payday.  How did I forget that?  Running later, I hope.  My running consistency has been despicable.  Think that’s a good word for it.

Needing a break here in a bit…. So much to think about.  Calm.. collect.  I have the weekend.  10:30, may go get something at Omelet.  Need a walk, air.  Check mail.  Oh my god my mind’s a mess right now…. Zen.  Collection, Composition, Character.

Call in 8 minutes, for the winery writing project…. Checked mail, nothing there.  No check, which is what I was hoping for obviously.


Trying to calm myself….  Difficult.  Need to go for a walk now, definitely.