Meeting yesterday, what I was there for, to discuss….?  Shower this morning, coffee made here not in the mood to walk to Noto or spend seven bloody dollars on a latte.  Slower, I tell myself.  Music… quiet room.  What exactly I want, want to be doing.  Seems like this thought knot has to be untangled every morning extending into day.

Preparing a message to send.  Remembered I’m working an event this Saturday at Louis Martini, only for 4 hours, but still.  Excited to see what it’s like honestly, and how the people will look walking in.  Things are different over there, the Napa side, and not in a bad way.  Honestly it’s fascinating.

Still waking up, sipping coffee and looking out the window at that tree.  Kid walks by on way to Windsor High probably.  To be the age again… my high school life, like forever ago actually it was a forever ago.

Finding my gratitude in the morning, like Kerri that one morning where she woke at 3 or a bit before to make an incredible amount of boards for an order.  Thankful for this desk, the room, Windsor, my parents and all their help, Kerri…