Entry from ten years ago today.  Mention of my old character, Kelly, Jack when he was little, the wine world and going out into the vineyard.  Many for he same constants… Need to stop writing, think.  Putting together the book, Daisies For Obsidian.

Photography…. Kids currently in kitchen and distracting me.  Jack, now 10, no reservation in throwing attitude and snarky jabs at his father.  He was a different character, barely a character, in this entry.

The vineyard and Autonomy, my freedom, the new freedom in this condo and from the shift.  Only fantasized about this ten years ago, and here the new Mike Madigan sits and looks and records. 

Stepping away for a couple……

Old shot of me holding Jackie… wow, I say to myself.  Time just doesn’t stop.  I remember the character I was writing, Kelly, was meant to narrate that reality and threat of time just passing and how we can only capture the Now with a picture, or writing, journal entry.

Jack keeps talking about the new Fortnite version about to be released, in something like 20-ish minutes.  Part of me rolls my eyes then the other which is more dominant is stunned by his passion, envious of it.

Re-reading entry again.  Ten years ago, disbelief but then acceptance.  Character asking herself, “What if I could?” Now, I’m asking myself the same then immediately answering this morning listening to rain, “I can, I am, I always WILL in the redrafted will.”