Up early with kids, all agreeing to peace and reading time, getting ready for tomorrow morning today so that tomorrow we breakfast and brush and bounce.  All had breakfast, and me over here collecting enjoying the surprising stability.

Coffee, all out of espresso.  No rain presently, but last night a fine greeting of it, waking me and Jack conveying him as well at a certain point.  Not Emma, far too deep and strong a sleeper to have this awaited front and its deliver pull her from any dreams.

Henry responding to everything with “Yeah…” Makes me laugh and smile at the screen.  This week could be restructuring in a number of ways… the new post at Sonic, the prop tech company and the new sales platform.  Me developing my own sales platform….  Conversation, maintenance, vertical-but-not-vertical emphasis…. More later.

Notes for morning… kids and being inside, keeping them happy, some light chores I guess you’d call them but with practicality and not just assigning chores to be that parent.  One chore for me, past entries on BDX.  Reacting to a past Me… see what I see.

Run for tomorrow, trying for another hour.  Revised route.  Runner Newness.