Morning 1 of 3 this weekend, off the ground. 

Relative peace except for some back and forth earlier between Jack and Henry.  Of course no stress of concern for Jack, he was just instigating whatever he could versos his nearly 2 year-old brother.

Emails, not checking them.  Not allowing distraction.  Just observing these little humans and their wishes and priorities, passions.  The humor in this, they hav all the answers.  In their simplicity acknowledgement of what’s present, in the room with them.

Slept relatively well this time with Henry.  Not as many headbutts or kicks to my back or left arm.  Moving slow, sipping espresso slow so the effect is amplified and magnified.  At least twelve hours of little human management ahead of me…. And 67 outside already.  Definitely heading to the beach, probably alongside all of Sonoma and Napa counties.  Doesn’t matter, ‘cause being trapped in the house won’t work, and it’s not fair to these small friends of mine, my babies and yes I still see even Jack as a little.

The gratitude grip, felt this morning.  This won’t be forever, and if I’m not fully placed in this stage I’ll never get it back.  Reading the comics to Emma yesterday morning, watching that anime show last night with all three…. lucky.