Second coffee for morning.  Had first in kitchen, leaning against what I call the coffee corner.  Pick up Emma at 11:30, take her to Mom and Dad’s, then back here…. Don’t know why I get so stressed surrounding times with the kids and appointments.  I guess it’s natural and someone expected being a relatively new single dad, but…. Just need to flip the switch and turn off that feeling or emotion, or reaction.  That’s what it is, a reaction.  STOP…. OFF.

One day at a time.  Overused phrase but it’s true, such mentality works.  9am, zen.  Relaxed.  Still buzzing from lunch and the ideas Paul and I threw back and forth.  Hoping to be in bed early tonight, same time as Jack and Emmie.  Bring laptop in room with me, work from bed.  Wake early and do the same, or come down to kitchen sip espresso and finish site for AEd.

Idea to call on old leads, not sure how successful that will be.  But why not.  The AE story… moving with me and against me I feel.  Not sure how else to deconstruct or describe or characterize it.  Just how I feel.

Newness is what will mend.