Back from lunch with lawyer buddy.  First lunch of its kind.  He and I with much in common, on several planes and perceptions.  Promising self to have landing page for AEd done, TONIGHT.  Simplicity and singularity are the secret sauce… period.  Renewed and engaged.  All night tonight in office…. Did a couple things for page, site.

Gathering leads… two at present.  Possibly three.  No fixation on conversion, just the conversation itself.  Diet Coke on desk with me, quarter to 2.  Big kids here tomorrow and won’t have much time work or write later in the day, and Friday who knows with me having to get Henry at 10 either at his mothers or other grandmother’s house.  Single dad life, I’ll figure it out.

Six years ago in my Happiness Project journal I wrote, “Movement, movement, so drunk on movement.” Perfect after my lunch with Paul where he and I talked about business and staying active but noticing movement isn’t with the RPM of past years.  Shit, my vision going and more and more have to wear these goddamn cheaters.  Nothing I can do, but get fucking old.  Don’t really have that attitude, but sometimes it’s a subtle sentiment.