Drove to HBG, had a beer at Duke’s which I haven’t done in possibly over a year? 

Went to Oliver’s for some groceries, not much, then back home for leftovers from Kerri’s and my Asian place, favorite.  Was trying to have a beer at Sweet T’s but they’re closed Mondays.  Didn’t know, and how would I the first I went to their new location was just a few days ago for the shrimp caesar and shishito peppers.


Cleaned kitchen, full from dinner, glass of red at desk.  Told Mom I’d be cleaning the office but not much in the mood.  Rather, LoFi beats and writing and relaxing…

Feel like this Cab/Syrah blend is starting to prune a bit.  No diss to MS, could have been how long I had it open or something las night.  Text from sister, my actual sister, Katie..  She’s finally coming over to the loft on Sunday.

The composition is amalgamating with love, euphony.  First sip…. Turning off smooth jazz, will clean a little.  Or not.  Clocking out.  

Before I punch, I’m thinking about his wine, and the Duke’s manager telling me those stories.  I get it now.. EVERYTHING.  I’m settles, stationed, SET.

Standing …..